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Movement Medicine - 


A healthy mind is a healthy body. Movement boosts dopamine production in the body, natural opiates that make us feel good. Moving your body releases stuck energy and opens channels in the body for healing. 


 We offer a variety of therapeutic movement classes that help heal the body. Our offerings also include private classes that can be catered and modified to more specific modalities including Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa etc.


Here we synch our yoga practice with beautiful melodies and sounds of calming music, and live drumming that help students connect to the breath.

Our group classes are suitable for all levels.  

Hope you join us on the mat!

You are a body in motion, even when you are silent and still.

 - Sacred Medicine Cupboard


Monthly Unlimited - Annual Pass


20 Class Pass


Single Class


5 Class Pass


10 Class Pass


Monthly Unlimited

$150 Monthly Pass

Annual Unlimited

$990.00 Annual Pass

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