" The memory of each individual life, along with the collective memory of the Universe are forever braided into the fabric of our being"

 - Bri. Maya Tiwari 


Spend the day with us. Packages can, of course, be customized to your tastes. For more information, please click here to contact us about your needs. 

Guasha Massage

60 minutes | $115.00 *

Another powerful massage techniques used in TCM. Guasha Massage uses a quartz stone in specific directions along the body to encourage lymph movement for detoxification, fascial glide for healthy muscle contraction and increases circulation in the muscle compartments. Using the Guasha board as a massage tool also gives your therapist insight into yin/yang imbalances in the body and organs. This technique is widely used amongst Chinese medicine doctors and have become more popularized of the last few years in North America.

 * Bruising may occur and is normal*

Cupping (RMT)

75 minutes | $135 dollars *

An alternative to a general massage, Cupping is used to enhance circulation in stagnant areas in the body. This technique is derived from Traditional Chinese medicine, a system that believes illness stems from the stagnation of 'Qi' energy. Stagnant energy decreases a given organs ability to properly deliver nutrients to soft tissue in the body, resulting in reduced efficiency of muscles. The application of Cupping also allows for fascial release and breaking down of scar tissue that the fascia carries due to poor posture or injury.

Shiatsu (RMT)

60 minutes | 120 dollars *

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, this treatment uses finger pressure throughout the body to release tension and unblock meridians. These meridians are believed to hold qi energy – needed to activate the body’s self healing mechanisms. Some benefits of Shiatsu massage include lowered stress, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, constipation and muscle tension.

Treatment Highlights: Fresh Juice (90Min – $145 and 120Min – $200 available).     

Reflexology (RMT)

60 minutes | 95 dollars *

A certified reflexologist, applying moderate to deep massage pressure to points on the soles of your feet can stimulate organs. Manipulating 'pressure points' on the feet is believed to enhance 'CHI" energy in what TCM practitioners believe to be meridians that run along our energetic body. This technique is less invasive than a full body massage with equal benefits leaving you feeling deeply relaxed. 

Treatment Highlights:  Includes a Fresh Juice

Acupuncture (RMT)

75 minutes | $135 dollars * OR 30 minutes | $65 dollars *

A common practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine that is being picked up by Western Medicine. Acupuncture is built upon bringing energy and releasing stuck energy in the body's meridian system. Small needles are applied to the body to move energy called 'Qi' supplying our systems with nourishment for optimum performance. This treatment works on the musculoskeletal system as well as the nervous system for a deeply relaxing experience.

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