" When we learn to observe our surroundings consciously, every grain of sand can help us get in touch with our own memories"

 - Bri. Maya Tiwari 

Healing is not possible unless all beings are happy and healthy. If you heal one being in your community but leave another ill, then no healing has taken place. To be healed, it to find healing in the humans, the animals, the earth - healing only takes place if everyone in your community is free from illness.

Laya Spa has operated in this community for over the past 7 years and we are not only extremely grateful for the support of this community but we also have a deep desire to give back. We are have officially launched our sliding scale massages that are offered at 984 Queen St W every Monday from 12pm-4pm. 

This service is available to anyone who does not have access to insurance coverage but like all of us, needs manual therapy for their wellness.

Please book your appointment online or call us at the spa!

Sliding Scale Massage

60 minutes | $95-$115 dollars

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