"Make no mistake about it, pleasure is a powerful force; it can drive you to places unknown that can either serve your higher good or act to it's detriment if out of balance"

- The Sacred Medicine Cupboard


Registered Massage Therapists professionally trained in various modalities and disciplines to help you achieve optimal health, your way. Clean, nurturing treatments inspired by Mama EarthFor more information, please click here to contact us about your needs. 

* Please note, beginning April 1, 2019, all weekday massages have increased by $10.00.


Breast Massage

45 minutes | 99 dollars

Fibrocystic breast tissue is one of the most common conditions in females. This condition can result in discomfort and painful breasts. Massage therapy can help to reduce fibrosis of breast tissue and also increase circulation. This treatment is helpful for women who have also had mastectomy's  resulting in edema (water retention) in the chest and back area.

Healing Energy Massage

60 minutes | 125 dollars *

Integrative work of massage therapy the Western way blended with alternative philosophies inspired by the East. This treatment moves progressively into muscle tissue with touch therapy and energy therapies to help move blocked energies that stagnates the flow of musculoskeletal functions. We generate the flow of energy with the use of Reiki, Chakra Therapy Release and Auric cleansing to flush away toxic blockages that disturbs the body's systems.Healing Energy Massage generates deep healing and helps to condition the nervous system and regain balance in the body. 

45Min - $99

60MIn - $125

90Min - $150

120Min - $205

Swedish Massage (RMT)

30 minutes | 75 dollars *

It’s the massage you know and love. Natural coconut oil used to mineralize and nourish  your skin and promotes higher level of healing! This treatment is designed to address a wide range of musculoskeletal disfunction, helping to restore fluid joint mobility and healthy muscle tissue.                          


45Min - $99

60MIn - $125

90Min - $150

120Min -  $205

Thai Massage (RMT and Non-RMT)

60 minutes | 125 dollars

Thai massage is a technique that uses passive stretching and deep massage movements that help increase joint and muscle mobilization. This non-invasive massage works on the physical and energy body and is both energizing and relaxing. Thai massage is received fully clothed on a comfortable mat. Our heated floors will enhance this treatment helping to further aid in relaxation and an overall toasty experience!

60MIn   -  $125

90Min   -  $150

120Min -  $205

Relaxation Massage

30 minutes | 50 dollars *

Dive deep into a relaxed state. This massage focuses on grounding and relaxing the nervous system, by doing this also bringing deep release of the muscles and the mind.

30 Min – $50

45 Min – $65

60 Min – $75

90 Min – $105

* This service is not performed by an RMT Insurance receipt cannot be issued.

Hot Stone Massage (RMT)

75 minutes | 145 dollars*

Warm Basalt stones are known to hold heat, when applied on the muscles they penetrate the muscle layers more redly. By bringing heat to the area we are able to work deeper and effectively work away tension in sore muscles. 

Treatment Highlights: Includes a fresh juice

Aromatherapy (RMT)

60 minutes | 130 dollars

Precious oils are derived from flowers, woods, herbs and various types of plants. To bring balance to the body. The use of aromatherapy treats symptoms and conditions therapeutically, working on a physical and energetic level and having a direct impact on relaxing the mind. Oils range from calming, lifting and also grounding, relaxing muscles and soothing the nervous system. Here a specific blend of oils are put together to create a personal treatment that will cure you holistically.


Monday - Friday      

60Min - $130                             

90Min – $155                            


Treatment Highlights: Includes a fresh juice

Craniosacral Therapy (RMT)

60 minutes | 125 dollars *

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle therapy that requires experience and sensitivity in order to detect the very subtle movements and rhythms. Profound results can be achieved by balancing these biorhythms, thus affecting the central nervous system and the circulation of blood and other bodily fluids. This treatment is indicated for headaches, eye problems, tinnitus, and jaw pain or for more general applications such as relaxation and boosting the immune system.

Deep Tissue Massage (RMT)

60 minutes | 125 dollars *

This massage is designed for but not limited to chronic conditions, sport related muscle tension or restricted range of motion due to physical trauma. For some of us, it’s just a preference to have deeper work and that’s okay too!

60Min – $125.00                            

90Min – $150.00                           

Treatment Highlights: Fresh Juice 

Reiki (RMT)

60 minutes | 100 dollars

Used as therapy for centuries, this treatment has grown in popularity in Western societies. Reiki taps into the body’s own ability to heal ailments while calming the body’s systems. In a Reiki treatment, little to no touch is applied to the client. The therapist acts as a vessel to channel energy to  the client’s own healing mechanisms, using the body’s own internal medicine.  Some of the benefits offered by Reiki treatments include improved sleep, reduced stress, mental clarity, relieves migraines and emotional distress.


Treatment Highlights: Fresh Juice

Pre-Natal Massage (RMT)

30 minutes | 75 dollars *

Awareness is key for mom's to be! Dynamic Change is needed to accommodate your growing baby, self care becomes of the front lines of a healthy and stress free pregnancy. Why not start with massage? Work away back pain, tension in the hips and dive into a full body relaxation experience. Laya’s Massage therapists are ready to take you in, propping you with cozy pillows and blankets and ensuring that your treatment is safe and effective. Self Care starts here.

30Min ~$75                                                  

45Min~ $99



120Min~ $205

Intra-Oral Massge (RMT)

30 mintes | 75*

Manipulation of the soft tissue in the mouth is useful in resolving TMJ and related oral discomfort. A glove is used in this treatment and usually   takes 5 or ten minutes but seldom exceeds 20 minutes within the frame of other work. A scalp, neck and surrounding areas of the jaw is also massaged, techniques applied to your personal needs.

Couples Massage (RMT)

60 minutes | 125 dollars (per person) *

There is nothing like a shared experienced with someone you love. At Laya we value the importance of spending time with the people you care about, especially your lover. So we’ve created a package that is irresistible, available only on Saturdays and Sundays – Sure to re-spark your flame.

This Package includes:

A joined massage  in our beautiful couples massage room

Complimentary Fresh Juice 


60mins ~ $125 per person ($250+HST)

90mins ~ $150 per person ($300 +HST)


*Please Call to Schedule or email


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