Our mantra

Wildcrafted ingredients from the earth foraged with tenderness and love. We believe in reciprocity between humans and the land where we see a community and honoring of all of Mother Earth's creations. All of our products are ethically sourced and brought together to provide healing and  nourishment, within and without.

We are committed to using clean products made fresh and small batch. Laya's Apothecary offers the unique experience of all natural products that are plant based and specifically hand picked to nurture each individual need of our clients. All of our products use plant derived materials like extracts, essential oils and whole plants. Our line varies from serums, lotions, masks, scrubs and cleansers all carefully created for all skin types and condition, teas, tinctures, infused honey, glycerites and body oils . Everything we make is from scratch and we can also cater specific products and tailor our line to your personal needs.

For bespoke orders please email