Abundance is available to anyone who lives from a free and unconstrained mind.​

~Sacred Medicine Cupboard


Clean, nurturing treatments inspired by Mama EarthFor more information, please click here to contact us about your needs. 

Herbal Manicure

30 minutes | 30 dollars

Much like our Herbal Pedicure, this treatment aligns with our philosophies; clean, healing and natural. Your hands will fell herbal magic in our nourishing herbal oils made by deriving herbal essences from dried flowers. The hands are soaked in oils, cleaned up and massaged. A hassle free experience that will calm your energy and seal the deal on your self care goals.


Herbal Pedicure

60 minutes | 65 dollars

This incredible experience will give make you question all of your pedicure choices until now. Our herbal oil foot soak is made in-house and designed to send you to heaven. Calendula, Rose & Lavender are infused into Sweet Almond oil for 24hrs allowing for a deeply nurturing soak.  Your feet will be scrubbed with our all natural foot scrub, buffed and cleaned up. The pedicure ends with a calming foot and leg massage. This is a chemical free, natural foot treatment, we do not remove or apply nail polish.

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