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I see the wise woman

She carries a blanket of compassion. She wears a robe of wisdom. Around her throat flutters a veil of shifting shapes. From her shoulders, a mantle of power flows. A story band encircles her forehead. She stitches quilt; she spins fibres into yarn; she knits; she sews; she weaves. She ties the threads of our lives together, she forms a web of spiraling threads. 

I see a wise woman

She is at her loom: a loom warped with days and nights. White threads, black threads, receive her flying shuttle, a shuttle filled with threads of many colours. Threads the colours of the earth, the common ground; threads the colours of the people of the earth. Some threads short, some threads long; each thread different, each perfect. These threads are alive with sound and colour. These threads are mutable; they change at touch. These threads are crystal antennae; they respond at throught

Intertwined with each thread is a thread blood red: a thread of such sensitivity, it cannot be seen, yet a thread of such vitality, it can never be hidden. As our blood flows over and under the days and nights of our lives and binds each moment to the whole, so the thread of the wise woman binds us in the tapestried, cosmic web.

I see a wise woman

And she sees me.

By: Susun S. Weed

Collective Members 

Shayla Vaughan

Certified Holistic Nutritionist (IHN)


Yoga  Instructor

Shayla was introduced into the world of yoga after experiencing a sudden loss in her life which resulted in coping with severe depression and anxiety. Once she developed a regular practice she started to notice that not only her physical body was feeling better but her mind began to heal —starting the exploration of the mind-body connection. 


Shayla is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (IHN) and completed her original YTT with Yoga Tree Studios, moving on to her Yin training through Soghrati Yoga and most recently completed an additional 250 hour Functional Movement Training with Indigo Yoga Studio. With over 500 hours of training and workshops, Shayla is extremely passionate about all things wellness both on and off the mat. 


She strives to help her students reconnect from the neck down understanding that once we tap into our physical body, we inadvertently dig into our mental and emotional health healing all aspects of ourselves as a whole component. Shayla’s classes are a perfect mix of energizing yet mindful with an added touch of humour ( it’s okay to laugh yogis!) 


See you on your mat!

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 9.50.29 PM.png
Dr. Sarah Kim

Integrative Group


Dr. Sarah Kim is a physician practicing body-based Integrative Psychotherapy. Her approach to psychotherapy is trauma-sensitive and trauma-informed. Sarah is a certified yoga instructor, mindfulness meditation and movement educator. She believes strongly in a holistic approach to health and strives to provide care with regard to the whole being in achieving a path to wellness. Her psychotherapy services are covered under OHIP.


For booking information, call 647-829-9062.


Theta Healing


Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Carine empowers souls to break through their beliefs and fears to awaken their true selves and purpose, and helps them create and manifest an authentically connected and happy life that energizes them. As a RYT Yoga Teacher, a Theta Healer®, and an intuitive life coach, she uses her own story and experience to help her clients and students awaken their magic and find their joy through powerful healing techniques, kundalini yoga, self-love, play, meditation, and mindfulness.


Learn more about Carine at

Nadia R.jpg

Reiki Master


Energy Healing

Nadia is an intuitive Reiki Master specializing in energy healing. This restorative approach to healing is a hands-on, full body treatment that targets the energy bodies and the chakra system resulting in a healing of the mind, body and spirit. Nadia’s intuitive approach to healing physical, emotional and mental disharmony helps clients to achieve a better understanding of themselves while opening them up to their own spirituality. 

Nadia’s clients often report feeling balanced, lighter in energy and deeply relaxed after a session with her. Reiki energy healing is her passion and she is eager to share it with you! 


contact to book an appointment: 




Christina L.jpg




Christina Love is a Certified Tantric Practitioner and Reiki Master, initiated into the art of healing and pleasure. 


Christina works with her clients to bring them back into their bodies and their pleasure, so that they can step into true bodily sovereignty and live a life of true authenticity. 

contact to book an


Instagram: @enchantedforestxo

Facebook: The Enchanted Forest Healing Center


Nadia R.jpg

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