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Ancient traditional medicine is our passion. We seek to explore many layers of healing that is embedded in human history and culture. Alessandra has travelled to many different parts of the world to seek wisdom from communities that are working with natural medicine and healing to support their friends and family. Thailand holds deep layers of healing modalities that nourish and support the body in the most sustainable ways. She studied at the Homprang School in Chiang Mai for two months, spending time with Homprang herself - a midwife who was initiated into the role to birth her sibling at the ripe age of 19. Similar to Chinese medicine, Thai treatments work with 'acupressure points' called 'Sen lines' that treat the organs and systems energy meridians. Our therapists have been trained to offer authentic Thai treatments to support mechanical and internal healing within the body. 

All massage treatments include an eucalyptus steam session, please call or email to schedule

Thai Massage

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​Nuad Boran - Thai Massage is a traditional healing practice that works on both the energetic body and the physical body. In Thai culture, it is believed that our body has SEN lines which carry energy through all of our systems and muscles. Often times due to overwhelming stress and tension on the body, these energetic lines become blocked and restrict our freedom to move and to feel good. Tension in the body can hold us back emotional as well as physically. The Nuad Boran approach offers the opportunity to nurture the body through the nervous system, which we believe is the gateway of wellness and longevity. Our training stems from the original practice that has been carried through by Baanhomprang school in Chiang Mai, Thailand. ​

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This treatment is specific to womb health. In many traditions manual manipulation of the womb is practiced on women to maintain good reproductive health. This wisdom is carried out in cultures accross South America, Central America and Asia.

Here we work with acupressure points to re-align the energetic meridians of the uterus, kidneys and liver. We also perform an abdominal massage and a hot herbal compression with fresh herbs.

Traditional womblifting is performed fully clothed and must be schedule with at least 48hrs notice. We advise that you take the time to free your schedule as you should take time to rest after receiving this treatment.


Thai Womblifting is helpful for treating the following conditions:

Prolapsed Uteruses

Reproductive Health

Prenatal Care

Postnatal Care

A pre-appointment is required with Alessandra to determine your goals, health history and any questions or concerns. Herbal remedies can also be recommended to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. 

Please know that this does not replace western medicine practices but rather used to aid the body in healing and recovery.

For more information and to schedule please email

Thai Womb Lifting

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