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Transforming Discomfort - a Testimonial

A lot of us move through our day carrying around emotional aches, heaviness and pains in addition to our physical symptoms. 

Emotions are processed in the body, not the mind.

When there is a block or stagnation in the natural flow of emotions in the body, things get locked up. When this becomes a chronic pattern and habitual, it can even end up causing physical aches, ailments, misalignments, pressure and discomfort.

The good news is that our bodies are incredible at healing themselves!

A client recently shared her journey with this. Her testimonial captures the essence of our purpose and joy at Laya.

I'm pretty healthy, and I'm generally very aware of my body. So, when I started having random pressure and sensitivity issues in my bladder and uterus, I tried a bunch of at home remedies. When nothing worked, I came to Laya for some care and healing. I felt awkward and vulnerable given the area of my body this was affecting. Over a period of three weeks, I received acupuncture and osteopathic treatments. I've had both of these before, but these treatments were quite different. I had a lot of emotions come up—sadness, grief, anger, helplessness, anxiety and uncertainty about the future within each session. I didn’t think about anything, I just lay there, and they rose, and released. As they released, I felt my body relax like it hadn’t in months. I had just gone through a breakup, and was also stepping into new areas of work. So, there was a lot happening in my life, and I was just busy. All that time, I didn’t realize how much I was carrying. My back, hips, calves, my jaw, and even my tummy relaxed. 

It was really incredible! For so many weeks, I was walking around with all of this and telling myself that I was feeling fine, until the discomfort in my lower body was loud enough for me to take action. After each of the three sessions, I was noticeably lighter. My focus, my energy was back, and after the last session, the sensitivity and pressure dissipated entirely. I was myself again!

I've worked in a hospital for many years. So, I know that the current medical approach to women's health and wellness leaves much to be desired. Very thankful to Laya for setting me right! I feel great now!”

— Aarti M (Toronto, ON)

We are so thankful to our clients for offering their testimonials. More-so for trusting us to support their healing journeys. We love seeing the smiles on their faces as they leave, the lightness in their step, and the beauty of their rejuvenated form.

Our practitioners at Laya approach mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health from an integrated perspective. Along with (registered) massage therapy, we offer treatments like lymphatic drainage and detox massage, acupuncture, osteopathy, Indian head massage, and facials (with face and head massage).

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