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Return to Wholeness with Osteopathy

The human body has an incredible wisdom and ability to health itself. 

Life today applies pressures and stresses that are mental, physical, emotional, societal, environmental and even spiritual. That’s in addition to the dis-ease most of us feel within. It is no wonder that sometimes our bodies need a little help to return to wholeness.

Osteopathy is one such wholistic treatment approach. 

The practice and philosophy that guides Osteopathy includes four tenants:

  • Anatomically understanding the body as interconnected and interrelated, rather than focusing on a single component.

  • Releasing the barriers to self-regulation and self-healing

  • Ensuring proper circulation of blood, lymph, nerve and other fluid systems for vitality and maintenance of health

  • Biomechanics—how each part of the musculoskeletal system influences every other part.

These tenants are expressed by the practitioners through gentle hands-on therapy which involves gentle prolonged holds that adjust body structure through bones, fascia, ligaments, organs etc. The treatment addresses the presenting issue along with the entire mechanism of the whole body, rebalancing and aligning it back to brilliance. 

What does an Osteo treatment heal?

Osteopathy is patient-centric, and treatment plans are tailored to meet the individual’s needs, considering their medical history, lifestyle, and preferences. Each treatment session identifies the cause along with the compensatory patterns held within the body. The treatment plan then addresses the totality of the issue. 

The most common condition treated by Osteopaths is pain, which can be extremely complex and nuanced. Manual techniques such as soft tissue manipulation, joint mobilization and spinal adjustments are used to address structural imbalances, reduce muscle tension, and alleviate pain. 

While this list is not comprehensive, osteopathy treatments help with:

  • Pain—headaches, back, joints, sciatica; pain from falls, sports injuries, repetitive strain or overuse,

  • Mobility concerns—joint stiffness, collapsed posture, reduced range of motion and arthritic conditions. 

  • Improve circulation to aid in healing and immune support

  • Effective support during the recovery or rehabilitation process, post-surgery or post-injury

  • Pregnancy, postpartum and menstrual related discomfort

  • Stress reduction and improving the body’s immune and self-regulatory mechanisms

  • Emotional, mental and psychological stressors that lead to physical pains and illnesses

  • Pediatric treatments relating to growing pains and discomforts

  • Digestive and gut ailments

  • Respiratory conditions 

Since osteopathy focuses on the complete well-being of an individual, it recognizes integration of the mind, body and spirit, in addition to the symptoms experienced by a person. When the body is in dis-ease the flow of Prana, Qi or Life Force is blocked and this energy needs to be dissolved. An osteopathic treatment can release the body’s pattern of holding the dysfunction.

Osteopathy has a strong emphasis on promoting sustainable lifestyle changes by returning and supporting the body’s homeostasis, so that future illnesses can be prevented or contained. 

Laya’s resident osteopath, Candice Nesrallah carries a wealth of experience and knowledge in both massage and osteopathy. She channels this experience into treatments that support the innate healing potential in everyone. She acquires and honours knowledge from diverse cultures and healing traditions and is deeply passionate about restoring life force energy through osteopathy. 

Follow Candice on IG @candicenesrallahosteopathy and DM her if you want to make sure this is the right treatment for you. 

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