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Womb Talk

The womb is the centre of us, a sacred space – a vessel that holds the true nature of who we are. We hold energy here, energy that can become stuck and angry - a result of the decaying traumas from our own past, our ancestral line, our current life situation. Most of us fear the work that needs to be done to secure a positive space in our most valuable container. Sometimes the toughest part about "the deep un-layering" is the the fear of having strength to hold space for what you find.

Ever since I could remember, I’ve recognized how little we talk about our body, or even how little we know. I can speak for myself when I say that all of the conditioning I experienced around my menses wasn't inspiring or positive in any way. I've sat with this many times, looking back at my life - connecting to the feelings I've had around my blood. I was taught through several experiences to feel shame, to reject this process that my body undergoes each month.

Our blood is our gift. This powerful, beautiful, magical force is arguably the most special experience in life. Only am I able to truly see the value of what that means now, in my late 30's.

I can remember the excitement I had, sharing it with friends and the feeling of exhiliration about finally becoming a woman. But not long after, it became old news.

After I "became a woman" our female conversations were about ways to maneuver covering up our blood from the world. We held ourselves back from swimming, wearing white, hiding our pads - we've become conditioned to hide our power from the world, silencing our truth. In my teens and into my 20' and 30's all talk surrounding our menstrual cycle raised awareness around the inconvenience of it, how gross it made us feel, wishing we were born men, taking it out on men! Over the last few generations the true value, the blessing and recognition of our blood has gone under the radar into the dark ages.

In 2013 I discovered in my body that I had multiple fibroids, a condition that is common amongst most women. We live now in a time that information is essentially at our finger tips, so why does it feel so far away from topics we are comfortable speaking about?

Women are a powerful force and the foundation for maintaining a healthy earth and the continual growth and evolution of all beings here. We are mother earth, each one of us carries the potential to plant a seed in our womb and create life, if we choose to do so.

More and more do I feel like our womb needs tending to, throughout our lives

. Deep nourishing, continual love and awareness and healing are all essential to a healthy womb. By nurturing our womb we nurture the earth and our community.


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