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Turmeric - The Mighty!

Photo by Healthline.

Turmeric is GOLD – literally it’s quite valuable. A powerful herb used in the East way before the western World was awake to natural cures. Aside from many already known benefits, it really works magic on the female body, especially once a month if you are a woman in you’re 30’s I’m sure you get what I’m saying.

Hormones are usually in a dynamic state in the human body, mostly for women. External changes, internal changes and stimuli leaves the body in search of equilibrium. Shifting hormones to accommodate change. When women cycle through their monthly visits, the shift can intensify and sometimes make us feel off. Pharma companies make many options available to kill the pain or let’s say numb it. But there are options!

Let’s go back to Turmeric – and how beneficial it is to the female body. Here are some magical qualities that can really help you get through the rough moments.

Turmeric is a Phyto-estrogen

A plant based herb that mimics estrogen in the body. It is said to play a therapeutic role in the female reproductive system

It’s Antispasmodic

It reduces pain by reducing uterine contractions during menstruation

It is Anti-inflammatory

Another pain reducing factor – that is non addictive and does not have side effects. Curcuma, a major constituent of Turmeric has the ability to interact with several molecular structures involved with inflammation. Turmeric also depletes the neurotransmitter responsible for pain

It balances the hormones

It brings the uterus back to it’s normal shape and functioning. It also reduces hormone related acne. It is a powerful antioxidant that offers tremendous benefits to the liver – by regenerating it, allowing for production of enzymes. The body needs to produce enzymes in order to flush the system of toxins for adequate hormone balancing.

It’s an emmenagogue

It stimulates blood flow to the pelvic area, purifying and normalizing menstruation.

What more can I say? This herb covers our needs full circle. Try it!

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