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How To Stay Young

Want to know what makes your skin glow? Here are some tips that you cannot ignore. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

REDUCE CAFFEINE : One of the leading cause of premature aging, due to dehydrated skin.

REDUCE ALCOHOL: Reduces Vitamin A in the blood – A crucial vitamin and Anti-oxidant. Alcohol also weakens capillary walls, leaving you looking flush and rosy. Lastly, too much alcohol damages the liver – reducing the body’s ability to detox naturally.

STOP SMOKING: Nicotine reduces blood flow to the skin. It destroys elasticity increasing your changes of wrinkles.

WATCH YOUR DIET: Poor skin is completely reflected upon your diet. A healthy diet encourages healthy skin cell regeneration.

REDUCE SUGAR LEVELS: Sugar in your diet encourages the development of wrinkles. Sugar molecules attach to collagen and elastin – connective tissue responsible for keeping the skin firm and supple. When sugar molecules bind to these it weakens them leading to early signs of aging.

INCREASE WATER INTAKE: Not enough water changes the acidity of sweat on the skin and also dehydrates the skin promoting wrinkles.

REST: Without sleep the skin is not able to rejuvenate itself

BE ACTIVE: Promotes circulation and blood flow. Helping the skin cells repair damage and fight bacteria.

LOWER STRESS: Psychological stress sends messages to the body to produces hormones that lead to breakouts and acne. Mental stress can also lead to psoriasis and Eczema break outs

REDUCE SUN: A little sun daily in non peak hours is amazing for the skin and overall health of your body. When you over expose your skin to sun, it enhances your changes of aging and also exposes you to cancer causing UV rays.

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