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How To Keep Your Energy Space Negative Free

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In my perspective I believe that there is a strong attraction between negative and positive energy. Think about it, on a molecular level – Ions are naturally drawn to each other to form an end product. This same theory can apply to us – humans. We are essentially made of a combination of these ions, and our body finds ways to maintain homeostasis or, balance.

We are energy picking up and releasing these charges in our every day life. Negative people are attracted to positive people and vice versa. It is easier to find the negative angle of a given situation than it is to find a positive one. We have self doubt or perceive a scenario to be what it wasn’t because of our insecurities or conditioning. But the more we create these scenarios for ourselves, the more we attract the same outcome. So in essence, we are in total control of how our outcome turns out.

Practice this, when you question the outcome of a situation – make a strong attempt to believe wholeheartedly that it will go your way. Know it, say it, see it. The law of attraction says that “like attracts like” meaning that if your create only a positive space for yourself then it can really only go one way.

Here are some ways that you can help create this energy in your life.

Smudge your space.

Smudging or burning has been a part of human evolution for years. Historically, smudging was used as a means to ‘cleanse’ the space – no literally. Smoking a space helps to kill pathogens in the air and so before all these crazy cleaning products that have now surfaced, this was one way to keep a space clean. Smudging has evolved in not just clearing pathogens but also cleansing a space of energy. Think of it this way – we as humans came evolved from a more natural habitat. We lived in nature and so burning was a more common way to prepare meals and keep us warm. Wood is alive and we are connected to every part of nature. Ever notice how you feel when you smell burning wood? Maybe it reminds you of being in the outdoors and camping but never-the-less it does bring a feeling of grounding and calm. Daily smudging with sage or Palo Santo can be a really great way to set the tone for a positive day!

Keep plants.

Having plants around you can be very grounding and detoxifying. Plants clean your space by picking up on CO2 and releasing Oxygen. By having plants in your space, you create an atmosphere where negative ions are released creating a more balanced space for yourself. Plants help us feel grounded, balancing out our possibly hectic life and bring us back to a place where we belong – nature.

Self Care is Sacred.

Taking good care of yourself is crucial to staying positive. Some of us have the habit of putting out energy beyond our natural capacity. Emptying the vessel with no recharge is dangerous. Create rituals for yourself that you can practice daily or even weekly. This doesn’t have to cost money, it can be very simple – like taking a bath every Sunday with nice essential ois, indulging in good chocolate once a week, having your favorite tea every morning or buying nice linen or a decadent body cream. You can keep it simple. Or take a day to yourself once a week and give yourself the permission to do what ever you feel like once a week without feeling pressure or guilt. In order to give love, you must first love yourself deeply.

I can give more advice but the most important thing I can say is this. Keep a positive mind. If someone disturbs you with an action or behavior – let it go. Don’t think about it, engage in it or pursue any form of reaction. The longer negativity stays in your energy space, the stronger it will become and the more it will grow and manifest. Know this, every experience we have whether good or bad serves a purpose. We can learn about ourselves and we can also learn about the situation and how we approach it the next time we are confronted with it. Look for a chance to grow from it.

We either win or we learn.
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