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Self Care Rituals

 Tailored treatments that reawaken your body and soul. Spend the day with us. Packages can, of course, be customized to your tastes. For more information, please click here.

All massage treatments include an eucalyptus steam session, please call or email to schedule

Lymphatic Detox

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This detoxifying treatment illuminates your soul! Designed to promote healthy circulation of lymph fluid and can address possible edema by flushing the lymphatic system. Ayurvedic herbs are thoughtfully  assembled to create a body paste from heaven, ingredients are all natural and effectively aid in promoting a healing experience.

Treatment Highlights: Healing face mask, body wrap, full body massage, deeply detoxifying, dry brushing to increase circulation and help reduce edema and inflammation.

90 minutes | 190 dollars

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Using our favourite Shankara herbal scrub (containing an Ayurveda-inspired mix of Dead Sea salt, spices, and the essence of oranges, lemons and other natural ingredients like amla, brahmi, ashwagandha). This scrub has a high mineral content and is renowned for its non-clogging properties. To complete this treatment, enjoy a warm natural oil body massage to release tension and build up of toxin deposits in the body.

Treatment Highlights: Detoxifying, helps to promote healthy skin

Herbal Scrub 

(RMT and Non-RMT)

Back Cleansing Treatment 

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It's easy to neglect hard to reach areas, that's why we've designed this treatment specifically to cleanse and decongest back pores, all while you work on getting grounded! A facial for the back, every body needs one.

Treatment Highlights: Full back scrub, warm towels, extractions, clay mask, back and scalp massage.


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We are all so different in our essence and nature, that's why we have broken the mold of one size fits all to give you a truly personalized treatment..

 Experience an essential oil sensory journey and select your favourite essential oils. We add the blend to a natural carrier oil and use salts to exfoliate the entire body, exposing fresh and healthy skin.


Treatment Highlights: Increases circulation, helps to move lymph fluid back in to circulations.

Personalized Salt Scrub

(RMT and Non-RMT)

Laya Body Love 

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Exclusive to Laya Spa, owner Alessandra De Oliveira worked with the local beauty experts at Crawford Street Skin Care…to create a scrub ideal for all skin types. Made with organic honey, cane sugar and delicately dried rose petals, the scrub is followed by a warm shower, a clay mask for the face and body to draw out impurities from the skin and a rehydration ritual using Laya's Herbal Infused Body Oil.  And the best part – if you love the scrub, it’s available in our boutique!


Treatment Highlights: Fresh Juice

(RMT and Non-RMT)

Dead Sea Mud Wrap

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After a long winter of battling the flu, a wrap can help draw out those last few toxins floating around in your system. Imagine being wrapped in a warm, natural cloth that holds in the beneficial properties of a special mud as you perspire and rejuvenate and hydrate your skin while re-mineralizing your body. This treatment can help alleviate dry skin symptoms, including eczema.


Treatment Highlights: Remineralizes the skin, Aids in healthy skin, promotes relaxation

(RMT and Non-RMT)

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