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We use a high quality hard wax (Azulene) for the entire bikini area. Derived from the Blue Chamomile flower, this wax is superb for sensitive areas. The Azulene wax we use is not commonly found in Toronto but recognized world wide. Unlike other salons, we use the Azulene wax on the entire Brazilian area for your comfort. Our wax has also been claimed to reduce stubborn ingrown hairs.


How To Prepare:

1. Trim hair to 1cm to reduce pain

2. Shower and exfoliate area before appointment

3. Do not moisturize before treatment

4. Wear comfortable underwear (preferably cotton)

Waxing Options

  • A clean up and maintenance wax. Here we wax the inner thigh area. Please note that there is an additional cost  for low belly area (belly button line) as well as thigh area.

  • A bikini wax only we go a little deeper – not just the inner thigh area. Imagine a bikini wax for a thong bikini. We wax closer in towards the labia but not on the labia and also up top beneath the belly area for clean lines.

  • This services is for those ladies who like a clean look and also prefer to remove hair from the back are (between the cheeks). Here we wax as far as the ‘French Bikini’ and also the bum area.

  • This service is designed for those who have never had a Brazilian, not stayed on top of their waxing and have an extensive amount of hair to be removed. This service may take roughly between 30 mins to 60 mins to complete. We advise that if it is your first time at Laya you choose the “Full Brazilian” option to ensure we have enough time for the service.

  • This services is designed for those clients who have waxing done with us regularly (roughly every three weeks) and who don’t have too much hair. Minimal Brazilian waxing usually takes less and time requires less wax and so we can reduce the price slightly. Please note that if a Minimal Brazilian is booked, we may need to adjust the service to Full Brazilian at the time of your appointment if we notice that more time/wax is needed to complete the service.

 ​*Please keep in mind that if you have waited long before waxing we may have to adjust price to ‘Full Brazilian’ at your appointment.


  • Some may choose to take Advil or Tylenol to reduce pain.

  • Avoid tanning for 24hrs

  • ​Avoid heavy exercise for 24hrs

  • Avoid steam rooms and saunas for the first 24hrs

  • Do not shower with hot water on the same day

  • Exfolliate regularly to avoid ingrown hairs


  • Use a soap designed for the sensitive area – such as Sweetspot wash, Dove soap or liquid soaps for sensitive skin

  • Avoid wearing tight clothes/Panties for the first 24hrs

  • Avoid sexual intercourse for the first 24hrs (The pores are open you may be susceptible to bacteria)

  • ​Do not use any chemical exfoliators such as Glycolic Acid

  • Have regular waxes (every 4 weeks) so that the hair thins out and becomes accustomed to removal

  • Moisturize daily and apply Tend skin (Tend skin is not recommended for pregnant women)


  • Avoid touching the area as it may cause irritation

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