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Foot Love

Clean, nurturing treatments inspired by Mama Earth. 

All massage treatments include an eucalyptus steam session, please call or email to schedule

Herbal Foot Treatment

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Sail away into euphoria!
The perfect way to restore tired feet, nourish the skin and seek overall health of the feet. This treatment includes a beautiful herbal foot scrub, a dry file of the heels, a detoxifying and mineralizing clay mask and ends with an acupressure massage of the legs and feet using our house made mint and chamomile herbal oil.

ADD this treatment onto any massage or facial $50

30 minutes | 108 dollars

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A certified reflexologist, applying moderate to deep massage pressure to points on the soles of your feet can stimulate organs. Manipulating 'pressure points' on the feet is believed to enhance  Qi "CHI" energy in what TCM practitioners believe to be meridians that run along our energetic body. This technique is less invasive than a full body massage with equal benefits leaving you feeling deeply relaxed.



60 minutes | 135 dollars

Foot Scrub

*Please Call or email to book add ons


15 minutes | 25 dollars

A wonderful add on to any facial or massage. The foot scrub uses our house made cane sugar scrub to help nourish and rejuvenate the feet. 

*Please Call or email to book add ons


15 minutes | 25 dollars

Add this mask to any facial or massage to increase the healing potential of your treatment! The mineralizing mask uses a clay to help pull toxins away from the body that tends to accumulate in the feet. A nice way to refresh the feet that can be felt through the whole body!

Foot Mineralizing Mask

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