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A traditional Hindu system of medicine, based on the idea of balancing the body systems with diet, herbal treatment, breath work and yoga/movement.

Spend the day with us. Packages can, of course, be customized to your tastes. For more information, please click here.

All massage treatments include an eucalyptus steam session, please call or email to schedule


Shirodhara Indian Head Massage

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Shirodhara is a commonly used Indian treatment that assists in nourishing the scalp and restoring energy. We use aromatherapy and warm oils that are massaged into the scalp using various techniques as we apply light pressure to karma points to help increase parasympathetic response and reduce the body's response to stress. 

Treatment Highlights: Aromatherapy, recommended for insomnia, migraines & scalp tension                   

(RMT And Non RMT)

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Originating in India, this treatment uses warm oils to calm, soothe and ground the body & mind. It aids circulation, stamina, detoxification and relaxation with light to vigorous massage.  

Treatment Highlights: Includes a fresh juice.


(RMT And Non RMT)

Chakra Therapy 

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This services offers a deeply relaxing journey into the esoteric body. Healing emotions and the energy systems that keep the body healthy. Our tissues carry memories both collective and individual that shape our body and mind. The 7 Chakras can hold on to low vibration energy and stagnate our evolution and growth. This treatment uses gently body rocking, sound, smudging and crystals to re-energize the chakras and cleanse the auric field.

(Non RMT)

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