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Movement Medicine - 

A healthy mind is a healthy body. Movement boosts dopamine production in the body, natural opiates that make us feel good. Moving your body releases stuck energy and opens channels in the body for healing. 


 We offer a variety of therapeutic movement classes that help heal the body. Our offerings also include private classes that can be catered and modified to more specific modalities including Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa etc.


Here we synch our yoga practice with beautiful melodies and sounds of calming music, and live drumming that help students connect to the breath.

Our group classes are suitable for all levels.  

Hope you join us on the mat!

You are a body in motion, even when you are silent and still.

 - Sacred Medicine Cupboard

Class Schedule



Shakti is a sanskrit word that means life force energy. This practice is a well balanced blend of movement and going deep. Allowing the body to be fueled and charged with flow and movement, using vinyasa and flow to generate heat and blends with therapeutic poses to cool at the end of your practice. This is an open class catered to individuals who already have a basic understanding of yoga an the poses. 


Slow right down with this beautiful class that encourages you to stay a little longer. Yin yoga is gentle and patient, giving your body the time that it needs to release and ground. All poses here are tactfully put in place to ensure maximum healing, opening and restoration.


Level 1/2

Flow through accessible poses with a twist of challenge to keep you inspired! We encourage you to take your time and practice from a place of deep intuition, understanding your own limits and moving into your body at your own pace. 


Your teacher takes you through a journey (or release) and builds on the class by adding inspiring words and soothing music.  Restorative class is beneficial to those who have built up stress and anxiety, have chronic tension in the body, have been in an accident, or to help the body heal an injury. Our teacher introduces a variety of Thai massage techniques to deepen your practice. It is important to maintain a healthy balance of our nervous system that always seem to be on overload. The connections of the central nervous system are calmed, allowing for better sleep,  clearer thoughts, and both; better energy and quality of life.


The practice of Yoga Nidra is an active meditation. Unlike mindfulness meditation that encourages you to transcend the body, Yoga Nidra brings awareness to the body - allowing you to feel deeper into the sensations. The practice is a journey of feelings and exploring all 5 senses while being still and awake in your meditation.

We add sound to deepen the sensation of relaxation. The crystal bowls are tuned to the exact Megahertz of the 7 Chakras and bring healing and therapeutic balance to them.

This practice allows you to feel change in the body as they arrive without disturbing the feeling of inner peace.


This practice stems from the Thai system (Rasidaton) and is a practice originally created for Thai Yoga practitioners to keep their body healthy and mobile. Thai Yoga is a gentle practice that works on the meridian energetic lines of the body as well as fascia patterns. The fascia protects and compartmentalizes each muscle and can become restricted with dehydration, lack of movement, inflammationand repetitive strain. This practice allow for freedom in movement and deep relaxation.


Yoga is different for everyone. This class offers your the opportunity to understand your body more, explore movement and your body patterns. This class level is slower in pace and allows for a deeper connection to your body, moving with awareness and focus.


The Chakra system is derived from ancient Ayurveda practices that connects us to our physical, spiritual and emotional body. This practice is restorative and healing to the nervous system. While restoring the energies in the body we are able to find healing in all seven chakras by tuning into our internal environment and healing and bringing energy and nourishment to our body.


This class is designed to connect to your body on a physical and energetic level. A gentle practice to energize you, increase metabolism and connect to how your body moves.
This practice integrates breathing and deep awareness of the subtleties of the body. This is a non linear practice for women, designed to help you to move better in the world and to honour and nourish your sacred body. We guide you to nourish your self and tune in to the wisdom of your natural cycles and the key to freedom and self knowledge.


Experience the union of the beautiful sister sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga. This holistic and integrative workshop-style class shares the wisdom and application of yoga through asana, pranayam, mantra, mudra, kriyas and meditation; and Ayurveda through its ancient, applicable and abundant self-care rituals. Exploration of the elements and doshas through daily and seasonal lifestyle guidance are shared to help us align with the rhythms of nature, feel anchored within and experience our innate gift of well-being. There is opportunity to engage, ask questions and share with other students.


Every time women gather in circle, we emit powerful energy onto earth. This is an open class available to anyone is curious about exploring sacred self care practices for women. We integrate many forms of healing - song, dance, self massage, meditation, movement, exploration of plant medicine & herbalism, medicine making, art, journaling and so on. These practices are all carefully selected to help women step into their power. Our circle is open to every woman identifying individual and a safe container for healing and self care. All annual pass holders can join at no additional price and the exchange for new students is a sliding scale starting at $15 per class.


We have all week to move fast, Sunday mornings are for slowing things down. This class builds your inner fire slowly and softens the body in the most gentle way. Move into your body on this movement journey designed to reduce nervous system firing and promote a more steady, calm state of mind.


Monthly Unlimited - Annual Pass


20 Class Pass


Single Class


5 Class Pass


10 Class Pass


Monthly Unlimited

$150 Monthly Pass

Annual Unlimited

$990.00 Annual Pass

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We support the Toronto yoga community by renting private space at reasonable rates to independent teachers and their students. 

Part of a natural prescription for beauty is regular yoga, which is why it’s complimentary in all our Day Spa Packages. Our Studio Space can accommodate up to 15 students per class.


Rental Rates

Monday - Friday : $50.00/Hour

Saturday - Sunday : $65.00/Hour

For more information please contact us by emailing or by calling (647) 438-9032.

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