Celestial Communication 

Healing through Meditative Body Language

With Carine Sroujian

February 28,2020

7:30pm - 10:00pm

“Celestial Communication is a body-motivated language that totally relaxes your brain waves.” -Yogi Bhajan

Celestial Communication is a powerful tool for mental relaxation and release in the Kundalini Yoga technology. It is said to be the fastest and most effective way of getting rid of stress, tension, anxiety, worry, fear, depression and neurosis.

Celestial Communication is the union of movement, mantra, and meditation, using mainly the upper body. It opens and strengthens your heart, upper chakras, your aura, creativity, and radiance. It’s a somatic mind, body and spirit connection where you’re telling the sacred love story of your soul.

In this workshop, we will explore:

- Learning a Celestial Communication to a powerful Kundalini mantra
- The science behind Celestial Communication and why it works
- How Celestial Communication is a tool for quick deep relaxation of the nervous system.
- Embodying and healing the feminine aspects of ourselves through a Celestial Communication kriya (action set) and meditation practice.
- A series of graceful movements in a flow of different postures and mudras.

After the workshop, you will feel:

- Purified and deeply relaxed in your entire being
- Cleansed of neurotic thought patterns
- Balanced in both hemispheres of the brain
- Connected to your divine feminine nature
- More surrender and trust in the unknown
- More present in the moment

Join me to experience this unique and joyful body, mind & soul experience, tune in to your cosmic frequency, relearn to embody your true Self and feel free in your entire being. Through this practice, you will remove any blocks to living your divine purpose with creativity, magnetism and prosperity so that you can serve the world with joy!

* Accessible and wonderful for anyone of all physical capacities, including children.

** Message me for financial assistance

*** You can etransfer to carine@sroujian.com to save on Eventbrite fees

“I want to show you how much pranic energy you can feel in the heart center. I know this works. You have to use the body and the being as the instrument of the music. And sing with your tongue. Then you can create a vibratory effect.

Try to understand the basic meaning of what you do with Celestial Communication. The word is ‘kirtan.’ ‘Kir’ means ‘the hand’; ‘tan’ means ‘the body.’ When the hands and body meet, then internal music is created.

Let your body become the instrument. And pavan, the prana, becomes your projection and feelings. Celestial Communication is extremely effective in every part of your being.” -Yogi Bhajan

How we express ourselves is the ultimate measure of our personal freedom. When you speak, do you speak from heart? When you move, how often do you move from INSIDE, from your most natural expression? Where do you hold back? What is the source of your holding back anything?

These are the questions we will explore in this workshop. Through self and partner exercises, sound, movement, and the sanctity of ceremony space, we will look deep into our relationship to expression. We'll be playful. We'll be serious. We'll move from quiet to loud to quiet again. Full range, full spectrum. From introspective and reflective to boldly sharing the fullness of who we are!

Featuring an epic live musical performance!

You will get the most out of this workshop if you:
- show up with an open mind and heart,
- are curious and willing to expand the limitations you've put on yourself,
- want to go deep in a safe space,
- and have fun while doing it!

$65 advanced
$70 at the door
Spaces limited

Heart of Expression 

With Jen Stevenson

March 8, 12:30pm - 4:30pm

About the Workshops:

Laya’s two hour herbal workshops are inspired by the indigenous practices of plant spirit communication. The belief and understanding that each plant has a spirit and understanding how to access information from plants by calling in their spirit for guidance.  This involves meditating with each plant,  the practice of listening, experiencing the plants medicine with teas and tinctures as well as plant material.

We will dive into the plant’s physical medicine and also explore different herbal preparations.


After having experienced these workshops, you will have developed a good understanding of  how to communicate with the plant, the healing medicine that it offers,  how to prepare herbal medicines, measuring safe dosages,





Herbal Medicine Workshops


Alessandra de Oliveira

About your facilitator:

Alessandra is the founder of Laya Spa and yoga and has completed three years of herbal medicine training at The Herbal Academy and The Gaia School of Healing.

Growing up in Brazil and raised using traditional medicine remedies, working with plants has always been familiar to her.  Her education stems from Folk Medicine and the Wise Woman Traditions of the Elders. Using herbal allies as a means for nourishing and supporting the body cell by cell.

Alessandra runs a weekly woman’s circle where we explore different herbs for different systems of the body and has training in yoga, energy healing, massage therapy, Ayurveda healing and other Traditional healing treatments for women.

She is also a member of the Gaia School of Healing teaching faculty in Vermont and Canada and will be teaching year 1 apprentices in April of 2020.

Her hope is to bring more awareness to plant medicine and empowering individuals to feel more confident about working with plants.

Workshops & Dates

Feb 16/2020

Lungs & Deep Immune Tonics

1pm - 3:30pm

Feb 23/2020

Herbal Allies for Depression & Anxiety


March 1 /2020

Detox & Digestive Aids



March 15/2020

Adaptogens & Nervines for Stress



March 29/2020

Heart & Brain Nourishers



Sliding scale from $35-$45 per workshop


We prefer working with smaller groups as we feel that it is more intimate and that we can provide a more informative experience for the students. We only accept a maximum of 10 people per workshop, allowing for a deeper experience with the plants.

For more information please email 


Breathe, Flow & Dance: All before 8am 

With Alisa Donkers

Wednesday March 11  6:45am - 8:15am 

There is no need to spend an entire day in structure, especially in the way that we move and exercise.  It's time to release any idea of what we 'think' we should look like but rather to feel into what we need.    When we stay in a state of rigidity we lock tension, discomfort and stress into our bodies.   Our body is a HIGHLY intelligent functioning organism that know much more then most give it credit.   It knows what movements it needs, it just needs to be listened to. 


This is the magic of free movement or ecstatic dance.  You truly take your power back when you embrace your creativity and intuition and apply it into your movement practice.   


Breathe, Flow & Dance is designed for you to become your own teacher and to give you the space to explore the movements that make you specifically feel good. 


What you can expect: 


 The session will start with a guided simple meditation and breath-work exercises.   Through this alone we will activate dormant cells through-out the body and help move stagnated sleepy energy. 


You will be guided into some deep stretching and a simple flow to ease you into a free moving morning dance party.    If you claim you *can't dance* this is the perfect place for you to unlock yourself from this belief.  This is the perfect space for you to 'look weird' and to find out what your unique body needs to do to feel good. 


The session will end in a laying down relaxation, chai and a sweet treat.  All before 8:15am...AND then you can say hello to the world. 


A shower is available for those whom need and filtered drinking water. *All props are provided just bring comfortable clothing :) 

Tickets: $33 plus HST

 13 spaces available

Purchase through mindbody or email alisadonkerswellness@gmail.com to reserve





Reiki Level 1 Training

with Mandika Divya

May 3, 2020





Reiki Level I is created to reignite pranic life force Energy into the hands as it travels through the entire kundalini of the body. Reiki is known to help one relax into wholeness, boost the immune system function, rejuvenate and awaken your inner healer. While creating a sense of calmness and overall feeling of love and happiness. It also balances the body’s chakras (energy centres) while clearing the aura field aligning the kundalini (pranic tube). Level 1 Reiki is designed for full self healing that one should practice daily for optimum benefits.


Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. This Universal Energy is present within all living and breathing beings. Reiki is pure white Love & Light Energy.

Many great sages and healers were summoned to Mount Everest in the Himalayas (The crown chakra of the Earth), where they received activation and training. Reiki is a 200 year old Japanese term that Dr. Mikao Usui (a Japanese Christian Minister), developed after his own training in India on his quest to offer hands on healing just like Rama, Buddha, Jesus and many other sages.

The origin of Reiki in ancient India is referred to as Divya Shakti or Pranic Healing. In Sanskrit refered to as prana. Chinese referred to it as chi. In Japanese referred to it as ki. In Hawaiian referred to it as mana. The ancient vedas share of when the Earth was being activated with this Universal energy, the Divine feminine hand of Shakti and the Divine masculine hand of Shiva gave life to all.

Reiki Level 1 Course Includes:

Reiki meditation, history, principles, ethics, uses, chakra alignment, pranic breath work, functions, tools for daily self healing practice, self
protection and a long distance healing session from Mandika.

Usui Reiki Level 1 Certificate.

An Attunement or Initiation: Is the initiation given as a "spiritual blessing", from the Reiki Teacher to the student that deepens the connection of the spiritual energy moving through the body.

You will receive and be attuned to the first symbol in Reiki, the physical power symbol that can be used to:

• Protect self, others and spaces.
• Clear and charge a room.
• Charge the elements (earth, fire, water, air and ether)
• Open and close treatment sessions.
• Reduce stress, dis-ease, pain, and physical conditions in the body.
• Give strength, rejuvenate, and boost immune system function
• Increase power, protection and Energy

Join us Sunday Dec 1 from 11:45am to 4:45pm at Laya Spa & Yoga.

Energy Exchange: $377

About your teacher:
Mandika Divya is a Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic Medium, Past Life Regression Therapist & Registered Holistic Nutritionist. With nearly 20 years of clinical practice and a family healing lineage that stems back to the sacred roots of ancient India where Reiki originates from.

Mandika’s specialty and soul’s mission is to train as many Reiki healers, practitioners, masters and teachers as possible to manifest Heaven On Earth for the well-being of the Universe.

Mandika Divya is here to serve you with love and compassion by offering you tools to relax into wholeness & embody love so you can experience self-mastery and inspire others to live their highest truth.

© 2017 Laya Spa & Yoga. 

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