Movement for Mental Health

with Shayla Vaughn &  Eden Slifkas

November 22

7pm - 8:30pm 

This monthly event will be an interactive & inclusive evening that explores the connection between the mind and body through a modern yoga movement practice led by Eden Slifkas followed by an integrative yin yoga sequence taught by Shayla Vaughan. This event will start off with a “clearing” — allowing time for participants to release anything that may be keeping them from the present moment or perhaps something building up in their minds and ultimately in their body. The evening will help to shed emotional layers through movement in the hopes of everyone leaving feeling a little bit lighter.

Exchange is $35 for this event.

The Embodied Goddess: Half Day Retreat for womyn

With Clarity Barton 

Sunday November 24, 12pm - 4pm 

12pm - 4pm 


This is for Women (identified individuals) who want to go deeper in their experience of Tantra, Sacred Sexuality and their connection to the Divine Feminine essence and power… For those who are ready to scream in Ecstasy and to let the Divine penetrate them! We are sensual and sexual beings! We are Wild, Free, Embodied! We are Women and we are Re-Membering...

There was a time when women gathered to honor the Goddess and their Feminine Nature. Beauty rituals, sensual magick and awakening moments of Ecstasy and Pleasure were common experiences in ancient cultures. Sensuality, sexuality and the Divine were seen as One.

Although our modern society and patriarchal culture has actively persecuted such practices and all that honors the feminine as sacred, we live in a time of Rebirth. One that is seeing the Feminine, Embodied practices and Sacred Sexuality coming back in full power to provide Spiritual, Emotional & Mental Expansion and Healing to those feeling the Call for such Grounded Awakening.

This is an invitation for all of those who feel this Rebirth. The time is NOW to reclaim our Feminine Power and to sing the song of Love to the Goddess. Through our Bodies as sacred Temples, we shall honor Her. We shall allow our bodies to be vessels for the Goddess to express Herself and to Love.

Imagine a Feminine Temple Space, especially created to honor the Goddess within all. A safe space for women to heal through pleasure and to be themselves and express themselves in the most free and creative ways while benefiting from the support and comfort of their Sacred Sisterhood. This is… The Embodied Goddess Temple ♥ ♥ ♥


~ Tantric Massage: Healing Pleasure through Body Work, Embodied Movement, Meditation and Energy work
~ Yoni Blessing / Steaming (more info in Post below), herbal blend by Alessandra de Oliveira
~ Self-Love practices through self-massage, movements, and free expression
~ Clothing optional activities for a full body acceptance
~ Sacred Sexuality Teachings: learn simple ways to bring the Goddess into your Sexuality
~ Tantric Yoga: learn to build-up and transmute sexual energy for healing and regeneration, using breath and movements
~ Delightful Goddess Nourishment Snacks (included)
~ Divine Feminine Empowerment: Get in touch with your Feminine essence and power
~ Sacred Sisterhood: connect to other empowered women who share this Path with you

~ $45 Advance ticket
~ $50 at the door

Tickets are available through our Mindbody app or contact with any questions! 

Herbal Medicine Workshops


Alessandra de Oliveira

About the Workshops:

Laya’s two hour herbal workshops are inspired by the indigenous practices of plant spirit communication. The belief and understanding that each plant has a spirit and understanding how to access information from plants by calling in their spirit for guidance.  This involves meditating with each plant,  the practice of listening, experiencing the plants medicine with teas and tinctures as well as plant material.

We will dive into the plant’s physical medicine and also explore different herbal preparations.


After having experienced these workshops, you will have developed a good understanding of  how to communicate with the plant, the healing medicine that it offers,  how to prepare herbal medicines, measuring safe dosages,





Workshops & Dates

Jan 12/2020

Lungs & Deep Immune Tonics

1pm - 3:30pm

Feb 2/2020

Herbal Allies for Depression & Anxiety



Feb 16/2020

Detox & Digestive Aids



March 1/2020

Adaptogens & Nervines for Stress



March 15/2020

Heart & Brain Nourishers



Sliding scale from $35-$45 per workshop


We prefer working with smaller groups as we feel that it is more intimate and that we can provide a more informative experience for the students. We only accept a maximum of 10 people per workshop, allowing for a deeper experience with the plants.

About your facilitator:

Alessandra is the founder of Laya Spa and yoga and has completed three years of herbal medicine training at The Herbal Academy and The Gaia School of Healing.

Growing up in Brazil and raised using traditional medicine remedies, working with plants has always been familiar to her.  Her education stems from Folk Medicine and the Wise Woman Traditions of the Elders. Using herbal allies as a means for nourishing and supporting the body cell by cell.

Alessandra runs a weekly woman’s circle where we explore different herbs for different systems of the body and has training in yoga, energy healing, massage therapy, Ayurveda healing and other Traditional healing treatments for women.

She is also a member of the Gaia School of Healing teaching faculty in Vermont and Canada and will be teaching year 1 apprentices in April of 2020.

Her hope is to bring more awareness to plant medicine and empowering individuals to feel more confident about working with plants.

For more information please email

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