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For most of us, it's much easier to recognize that someone around us  in need and tending to. We often forget how important it is to turn love back to ourselves and bring in compassion for our own needs and suffering.


As we turn the corner on change that comes with the colder season, take the time to notice what your body is asking of you. There is great value in taking the time to create space for yourself, it opens up a sense of joy and abundance that you can create on your own and trickles down into every area of life  including your work and your relationships.



Meet your experiences with awareness and deep acceptance

Take the time to listen to the people you love

Movement - yoga, running, spinning, walking in nature

Breath work 


Stay present

Being still

Reduce screen time (take breaks)

Stay open and non-defensive in conversations

Give yourself time so that you don't feel rushed

Contemplate the true nature of existence, it puts everything into perspective 

november Specials

10% Off Relaxation Massage (non-rmt)

Medi Mondays 20% Off all Medical Esthetics Treatments with Diane  **

* Offer available Mon-Thurs only

** Not available with any other discounts



Platinum : $4000

Gold: $398

Silver: $288

Bronze: $178

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