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We are open for Registered Massage Therapy and now including Personal Services!!


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Now that we are moving into the Second Phase of Ontario's reopening plan, Laya is now offering some Personal Services. We are able to offer waxing services! Please note that all waxing underneath the mask is still not allowed, as it is mandatory for all guest to wear a mask while inside of the spa.

Check our COVID 19 policies

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It's no doubt that over the past year we have all experienced layers of grief. When we are restricted from access to all of the pleasures of life, the body is not often able to catch up to what the mind knows, and we experience incoherence. What we know now is that the heart and gut have intelligence and are often coined "the heart brain" and "the gut brain", researchers believe that we have three brains in the body (the brain, heart, gut) that all dictate emotions, store memories and follow specific patterns that help us regulate the body and make decisions day by day. In order for us to feel well and sound, the brain and the heart have to remain on the same understanding of what is happening in our lives - when this becomes destabilized, we shift into fight or flight, and often have trouble returning to the normal flow of nervous system health and transitions.


Grief and all traumas become stored in the body, the mind might forget but the body does not. We have all experienced trauma in the era of Covid, and still are - even if we are not directly feeling it or thinking of it. The intelligence of the mind is unique in that it hides our pain so that we can continue to live and attend to all of life's daily duties. 


It's never too late to begin the work on healing pain and trauma, but the sooner we see that the need is there and begin to do the work to rewire the new information that is coming in, the bigger the opportunity we have to restore our bodies for better health in the present and in the future. All of our systems rely on a robust and healthy nervous system and many comorbidities have been linked to a disruption of information between our organs and systems - the more we can find peace in the body, the healthier we will be! And remember, our genes do not solely dictate our health, we can change that!


There are wonderful practices that we can integrate in our lives to reconnect to the body, build awareness and help our nervous system balance our biological functions.


Massage & healthy touch (boosting healthy neurotransmitters, releasing pain that can hold us back from fully healing)

Yoga, movement, meditation (helps us to reconnect to the body, release tension, open our potential for healing)

Breath work (regulates the fight/flight/freeze command in the brain - deep exhales shift our nervous system response back to rest & restore)

Hugging your loved ones (can boost dopamine and oxytocin levels)

Psychotherapy, Somatic Body Work, Talk Therapy (releasing old patterns, looping, allowing us to unstick the stories we tell ourselves, compassionate listening and dialogue)


The most challenging part has been the loss of community, and we are a community based species - we cannot thrive without each other. The silver lining of all of this is that we have come a long way in knowing that we all have the potential to heal our wounds and tend to the heart and our bodies. We have access to information, to people that can help and to our own potential for understanding what we need moment by moment. While it can be a long road to recovery, the work of self-care is multidimensional and sacred for our wellness, now and for our future.



Folks and friends! Have you checked out our apothecary shop, Heal Lab Herbals?! I have worked tirelessly on putting out products to help support the body, mind and soul. Here is our Cacao Bean Tincture, working with cacao is a perfect way to start your day on the right foot. Cacao is high in magnesium, iron & antioxidants! Magnesium is a key mineral that helps that helps the body in many ways by reducing our stress response (70-80% of the population is deficient in magnesium and it's potential to reduce high cortisol levels is incredible!). Cacao can also help to support us by reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol since it works to increase circulation throughout the body. This chocolatey goodness supports our dopamine and serotonin levels responsible for our happiness and motivation! Cacao contains the BLISS molecule, Anandamide that activates the cannabinoid receptors in the brain that boosts JOY! It also contains inhibitors that decreases our bodies ability to break down our naturally produced Anandamide, which means we feel great for longer when we consume it!


Add 3-4 droppers into your morning coffee, smoothies, ice cream or desserts! The options are endless.


(these statements should not be used as medical advice & have not been evaluated by Health Canada)

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