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If you have been tuning into our IGTV and Live Instagram posts, you might have noticed that the recurring theme there has been about balancing our hormones!


There is a reason for that, it's clear that with the varying pollutants in the environment our hormonal health is constantly under threat. Xenoestrogens produced by plastic, additives to skin care products, pesticides and herbicides, our household cleaners and detergents carry chemicals that present themselves as estrogens in our bodies and take up space on our cell receptors. Xenoestrogens are 100's of times more powerful in their ability to latch on to our cells than our own hormones. Our body is under constant exposure and the over production of hormones can lead to many health issues that we may face in our lives.

Avoiding exposure becomes and impossible virtue, but there are little adjustments that we can make to reduce the chances of our body and hormones losing the ability to function optimally.


Here are some tips!


  • Use clean, environmentally safe cleaning products

  • Reduce the use of makeup products that contain phthalates

  • Avoid products that contain parabens

  • Drink good quality water - preferably from a spring and not in a plastic container

  • Reduce the use of plastic containers in your home

  • Detergents and dryer sheets should be chemical free

  • Eat for your liver! And take good care of your liver - as it is the mane organ that breaks down hormones

  • Manage your stress! Cortisol levels and adrenal exhaustion will destabilize our hormones and the output of our stress hormones

  • Sleep and rest improves adrenal function - an endocrine gland that helps the body by releasing stress hormones and also sex hormones

  • Eat a good amount of fibre, since it can pull away toxins and support a healthy digestive system

  • Manage your gut flora - we have specific gut bacteria that breaks down estrogens!!

  • Find space for relaxing activities that don't demand constant heavy strain on the body

  • Wait a few hours before drinking your morning coffee - our cortisol levels spike between 6am and 10am, drinking coffee right in the morning will boost levels too high

  • Use calming nervine teas before bed to support deep rest

  • Watch your exercise schedule - evening workouts are not recommended as cortisol levels start to reduce so that the body can release melatonin for sleep!


For more information, tune into our instagram page @layaspayoga and look out for future posts that are relatable!






~Alessandra de Oliveira,RMT

Laya Spa & Yoga



Folks and friends! Have you checked out our apothecary shop, Heal Lab Herbals?! I have worked tirelessly on putting out products to help support the body, mind and soul. Here is our Cacao Bean Tincture, working with cacao is a perfect way to start your day on the right foot. Cacao is high in magnesium, iron & antioxidants! Magnesium is a key mineral that helps that helps the body in many ways by reducing our stress response (70-80% of the population is deficient in magnesium and it's potential to reduce high cortisol levels is incredible!). Cacao can also help to support us by reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol since it works to increase circulation throughout the body. This chocolatey goodness supports our dopamine and serotonin levels responsible for our happiness and motivation! Cacao contains the BLISS molecule, Anandamide that activates the cannabinoid receptors in the brain that boosts JOY! It also contains inhibitors that decreases our bodies ability to break down our naturally produced Anandamide, which means we feel great for longer when we consume it!


Add 3-4 droppers into your morning coffee, smoothies, ice cream or desserts! The options are endless.


(these statements should not be used as medical advice & have not been evaluated by Health Canada)

If you use any of our products, we'd love to hear what you think! Tag us on instagram! 




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