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Wild woman earth medicine circle

And the more she loved herself, the simpler it became for her.

And the more complex it became for everyone else.

JM Storm

There is a powerful energy in the air, the sense of high vibration, a force that is arising within each of us - a desire to shift this paradigm. When womyn gather in circle, we drive up strength and energy not only within our own body but this energy is transmitted onto other womyn, our community, the earth. It empowers us.

Our nature is to gather, it has always been evident throughout the course of history. Gathering together is healing, it increases oxytocin in our body, helping to regulate our hormones. Together we gather information and bring healing into the collective.

Alisa & Alessandra run weekly womyn's circles at Laya Spa's Yoga Apartment at 984 Queen street West, right next door to the spa. At our womyn's circle we bring forth many different modalities of healing - through the chakra's, learning about plant medicine, movement, sound healing, meditation, rituals and song. These circles are held in a safe space for sharing and bringing up anything that arises. They are designed to help uplift your spirit, build community, empower you and strengthen your innate ability to heal yourself and the people in your life.

About your facilitators:

Alessandra de Oliveira is the founder of Laya Spa & Yoga and has been offering body work since 2004. She is a Registered Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor with over 500hrs of training & 9 years of teaching experience, Plant Medicine Herbalist & Theta healing therapist. Alessandra also has a wide range of knowledge around traditional healing therapies for women and men.

Alisa Donkers is a Yoga Instructor with 400hrs of training in various modalities such as Hatha, Yoga Nidra and Tantric Yoga.  Along with yoga therapy, Alisa is also a Thai Massage Practitioner.


Exchange: Sliding Scale from $15-$25

Thursdays from 8:30pm-9:30pm


For more information please email 

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