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Why see a Holistic Nutrionist

Not only is the online health world often contradictory, confusing and frequently changing - none of the information available online is personalized to the individual’s unique health history or to the realities of their lifestyle. 

Working 1:1 with a practitioner is beneficial because you work as a team in developing a strategy that is specific to your health. A health plan can only be effective if it takes into account how you best operate and what you need to prioritize in order to move closer to achieving your health goals. This is exactly what nutrition consultations aim to provide - realistic steps that reduce your most uncomfortable symptoms, help you feel more energized and connected to a sense of vitality and bring you closer to achieving your health goals. 

Although nutrition can help improve a multitude of conditions, these are the areas Liv has a special interest in. 

  • Digestion and gut health: Gut health is foundational to whole-body health. New research is coming out all the time connecting the gut microbiome to physiological systems like the immune system, hormones, the brain, heart and skin. Within the context of digestion, appropriate nutrition can have a massive impact on improving conditions like IBS, GERD, stomach pain and constipation. 

  • Hormone health: Our society is not set up to support hormonal health - this contributes to many experiencing burn out, irregular and painful periods, issues with fertility, postpartum health and major symptoms associated with menopause. Learning how to come back into balance with your hormone cycles, at whatever stage you are at in life, can be a powerful way to reclaim your health and energy. 

  • Skin health: Supporting your skin can look like eating a nutrient-dense diet (based off of foods that you actually like) that supports collagen and elastin production, hydration, circulation, antioxidation and skin cell-regeneration. Working on gut and hormone health will also have a massive impact on skin health and longevity. 

  • ADHD: Since the brain is the most metabolically active organ in the body, it functions most effectively when it has access to an appropriate amount and variety of nutrients. Being a complicated brain condition, many people with ADHD notice a significant change in the severity of their symptoms when they make adjustments to their diet.

Discovery Call

20 minutes  |  Complimentary

Offered to clients interested in working with a nutritionist to get a better sense of whether they’d like to go forward in working together to achieve their health goals. Typically in a discovery call (either by phone or video chat) clients can share their health goals, ask questions and share any hesitations they may have about working with a nutritionist. Clients will also receive a better understanding of the process involved in working with a nutritionist and Liv’s unique approach. 

Nutrional Consult

initial: 60 minutes | 150 dollars

follow up:  30 - 60 minutes | 75 - 125 dollars

Initial 60 minutes | 150 dollars:  

Before this session the client is asked to fill out a thorough health history package as well as a 3-5 day food journal*, and send it to Liv at least 48 hours before the initial appointment. Liv will review the forms before the session, and spend the appointment going deeper into aspects of the client’s health history. At the end of this session the client will be given a few things to work on, related to diet and lifestyle and book another session within a week to 10 days. During this time Liv will develop a personalized health plan that will be delivered to the client during their follow-up. 

*For folks with disordered eating or a history of it, a food journal may not be a helpful tool in terms of moving closer to achieving their health goals. If this applies to you please know there are many other tools we can work with instead of a food journal.


Follow up 60 minutes | 125 dollars:

Ideally a week to 10 days following the initial consultation, during this session the client will receive a personalized health plan to bring them closer to achieving their health goals. The aim is for the client and nutritionist to work together to develop a strategy involving modifications in diet, lifestyle and nutritional and herbal supplementation that are realistic and complementary to the client’s lifestyle - not an additional source of stress. 


Follow up 45 minutes | 100 dollars

Once receiving their individualized health plan, it is recommended that clients come in for a follow-up session 4-6 weeks later. Clients are encouraged to communicate their progress and challenges with Liv through email between sessions, so the recommended length of the appointment will be based on what the client and nutritionist agree on being the most beneficial at that time. 

During follow-up sessions the client will receive recommended modifications to their health protocol based on where they are at and what would best support them at this time. 


Follow up 30mins | 75 dollars

Offered for clients who feel they need less in-session support and would appreciate a quicker check-in where they can share their progress, any challenges and receive further recommendations for their health journey. 

Personalized Meal Plan | 50 dollars

Includes a week’s worth of recipes based on what the client likes to eat, how much capacity they have to make meals and how many people they will be cooking for. The recipes include nutrient-dense ingredients to support the client in reducing their symptoms, improving their energy levels and moving them closer to their health goals. Meal plans also come with a list of ingredients that can be sourced from where they typically do their grocery shopping.

Ongoing weekly personalized meal plan subscription | $35 per week

Receive a personalized meal plan in your inbox every week with new and favourite recipes based on what the client likes to eat, tailored to the specifics of their lifestyle. This option takes into account how much time the client has to prepare meals, how many people the client is cooking for, what they enjoy eating, nutrient-dense recipes aimed at reducing their symptoms and moving them closer to their health goals, as well as left-overs for quick and accessible meals the following day. It also includes a grocery list and takes into account the ingredients they already have in their kitchen.


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