Healing Wise

Traditional Thai Womblifting
120mins - $250

This treatment is specific to womb health. In many traditions manual manipulation of the womb is practiced on women to maintain good reproductive health. This wisdom is carried out in cultures accross South America, Central America and Asia.

Here we work with acupressure points to re-align the energetic meridians of the uterus, kidneys and liver. We also perform an abdominal massage and a hot herbal compression with fresh herbs.

Traditional womblifting is performed fully clothed and must be schedule with at least 48hrs notice. We advise that you take the time to free your schedule as you should take time to rest after receiving this treatment.


Thai Womblifting is helpful for treating the following conditions:

Prolapsed Uteruses

Reproductive Health

Prenatal Care

Postnatal Care

Please know that this does not replace western medicine practices but rather used to aid the body in healing and recovery.

For more information please email alessandra@layaspaandyoga.com