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60 minutes  100 dollars

Reiki is a healing modality derived from ancient Japanese practices that supports the body in re-aligning the energy centres and pathways. Your Reiki practitioner guides you on your journey by facilitating the treatment and helping you to dial into your energetic body open to your own internal healing mechanisms.

Reiki helps us to reconnect to our own healing potential and is energizing as well as calming to the nervous system.

This is a beautiful way to nourish and support the body in a non-invasive and gentle way. 


45 minutes   115 dollars

This services offers a deeply relaxing journey into the esoteric body. Healing emotions and the energy systems that keep the body healthy. Our tissues carry memories both collective and individual that shape our body and mind. The 7 Chakras can hold on to low vibration energy and stagnate our evolution and growth. This treatment uses gently body rocking, sound, smudging and crystals to re-energize the chakras and cleanse the auric field.
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